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Who Owns Whom - Australia, Asia, Africa, Far East (5 volumes)

Who Owns Whom - Australia, Asia, Africa, Far East (5 volumes)

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The direct and easy access to the corporate structure of over 3.5 million businesses worldwide! When researching company information or developing business initiatives, do you need to: * Find out who is the immediate or ultimate parent company? * Find out how many enterprises belong to the same group? * Find out whether there are any sister companies? * Find out company associates and affiliates? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should turn to the latest edition of Who Owns Whom from D&B. Since 1958, Who Owns Whom has been the accepted and proven source of information for anyone who needs to know about the world of company ownership. Who Owns Whom is available in 16 regional directories covering: United Kingdom & Ireland – 2 volumes with over 400,000 entries Continental Europe – 8 volumes with over 2,230,000 entries North & South America – 2 volumes with more than 350,000 entries Australasia, Africa & Asia – 4 volumes with over 910,000 entries Unique worldwide coverage from a unique publication! For every Who Owns Whom regional area covered, D&B makes every effort to include all corporate groups, across all industries. A corporate group may be a vast multinational with a range of subsidiaries spanning many different countries and industries, or it may consist of two companies - a parent and a subsidiary. There is no size criteria for entry, however companies and organisations are only included if ownership is greater than 51% by other companies or organisations. Who Owns Whom gives you unique information on how companies relate, that can't be found anywhere else. Information that can be searched by parent or subsidiary company, along with contact information (name, address, phone number) and SIC (standard industry classification) codes for each parent company listed. There is simply no better way to find out the structure of corporate groups. Covering the entire range of business ownership, from the smallest to the very largest corporate groups, Who Owns Whom is a comprehensive reference tool that can be used to greatly enhance international business opportunities. Effective use of any Who Owns Whom directory will benefit your organisation in any of the following areas: * Sales - locate and identify prospects from the same corporate family as your existing customers; * Marketing - pinpoint agents or distributors with relevant worldwide networks for promoting your company's products and services; * Credit Control - quickly evaluate the corporate affiliations claimed by new customers; * Purchasing - Improve discount negotiations by identifying those suppliers who are part of a larger group with whom you already trade; * Corporate Development - select suitable candidates for possible mergers and acquisitions; * Competitor Analysis - check out the complex corporate structure of international or domestic competition; * Research - find swift answers to the most difficult ownership questions posed by colleagues and customers. Increase sales, reduce risk and make the most appropriate contacts worldwide, with the up-to-date, inside knowledge that only Who Owns Whom 2017 provides!

Publication Dates: September
Approximate Ship Date: October 1st

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